Floriani Commercial Testimonials

You and your staff always make me feel like I am your most important customer.  I know I am not because I am a very small company.  When I need something you supply I will always order it from you.  If your price is higher I just will always chalk it off to what a person needs to pay to get the support you always give.  RNK is unparalleled in Customer Service.  I push you when it is appropriate on the Amaya Bulletin Board but wish I could do more.  If you ever need anything from the Southwest I hope you will contact me.  I would love to give back!!!
Deborah’s Delights

You Steve, Dawn and many others give a level of customer service that should be the gold standard.  Thank you as always for your help and most of all the easy communication!

Hi Steve!
Today I received the Floriani thread chart.  Thank you so much!  I can see why you usually charge for it.  It is beautiful and the Pantone reference will be very helpful.
Thanks again for your wonderful customer service!
Deborah's Delights

I just have to tell you how much I appreciate your perfect stick stabilizer. I was doing a convention this weekend and that is the only stabilizer I used. Normally when I use a peel and stick my needles get sticking and after a few hours I start having thread breaks. This past weekend I had 2 machines running both using perfect stick my friend who also does embroidery asked why I was not using peel and stick I told her I was and she said you sure can tell by your needles. What a wonderful product you have. I have been telling everyone I know that Floriani is the only stabilizer they should use. Just wanted to say thanks again for a great product and fast service.

It is always my pleasure to refer others to you as I know they will love working with you guys as much as I do! I have my ordering CD with me and will be placing an order sometime later this week. We are still on vacation, but as you can see—it’s been a working vacation. LOL!
My best as always,

I got a big package today and I’m sure everything is fine - your products are outstanding and I tell everyone just that whenever the opportunity arises! I’m amazed at the water soluble topping - it just disappears! Thanks for your terrific products!
Sincerely, Suzanne
Suzi Homemaker

Just wanted to share that I have used Floriani's Applique Wonder for my quilting and applique projects. I find it superior to any others I have used.
Geri Finio 
Studio 187 LLC


I received the order and everything is great. We used the Perfect Stick yesterday for a bunch of shirt sleeves and it made my machine “sing” as Walt would say. I did find it a little harder to pick off the shirt and it really stuck to the edges of the hoop, but I can live with that if it is not gumming up my machine. And it is much softer than the normal sticky backing. I had been wanting to try the Perfect Stick but had to wait until I was done with the roll of adhesive backing that I had. I love it. Thanks.

Yes, I 've received everything. Thank you very much. The samples, description sheets and the DVD especially are very much appreciated. I've been doing commercial embroidery for about 7 years now, and I must say that I've learned something. Your information and your customer service are outstanding. You can count on us to order more from you in the future.
Thank you,

Yes, thank you for the samples. I did try the diamond no-show on three polos and on a delicate baby "onsie" gift. I loved the soft, pliable feel compared to other products I've tried. I also like the no-show sheerness, yet it still felt strong. (Haven't heard back about the washability, but I'm sure it holds up great!) I made a promo shirt for myself to wear to our local Cherry Days Celebration on Wednesday the 4th, hoping to generate some more business!! 
Laura Bemenderfer
Cabo Products Embroidery

I am very happy with the products....I have started using the no show regularly for all knit shirts. I like the fact that you don't see the outline under the soft knits...I will be ordering more when I start to run out. I do alot of sport bags which I don't tend to use backings. Tis the season for that.
Thanks again for a great product. 
Laura Priolo
Seams When Pigs Fly

Just wanted to let you know that I just did towel monograms on a total of 9 towels for two Macy's customers using your Floriani Wet N Stick and your Floriani Water Soluble Topping. I had not yet used these products on any towels. I was REALLY impressed !!!!!
If I continue to get monogram business from Macy's or other department stores, I'll definitely be ordering lots more of these two products.

Your shopping Cart CD is the second best thing since sliced bread. It's easy to use and everything is there. I like the way you have it set up. I also like the color names of the thread along with numbers and colors ... Gen is stitching out lace Christmas ornaments. She stitched out two ornaments using your Wet and Gone. Gen said that the stabilizer rinsed out in a short period of time. We did use Aqua Magic before ordering your Wet and Gone. It took more rinsing with the Aqua Magic. The Wet and Gone felt heavier than the Aqua Magic. Only a little Aqua Magic left and we will be using Wet and Gone exclusively.
Phil & Gen McNally

I was having problems with debris floating up to the top of my garment as well as poor stitch quality When using, a self adhesive tackle twill product. After struggling with the last order, when a new Order of tackle twill came in…… I used two layers of your 3 ounce cut away and sewers aid on the needle and first eyelet after the tensions on my commercial machine - the debris is nil and the stitch quality is perfect. The design was 49,000 stitches all satin stitches – stitched on to nylon shell jacket back flaps.
Just a hooray for your cut away!
Linda Weber

So far, from what I have read and what I have experienced with the sample pack I purchased at the convention, I am wowed by the Floriani products (thread included)... The start-up business is hard enough without having to explore paths and avenues that you don't need to in order to get where you want to be. When I first started, I thought Floriani only had the thread and a few stabilizers ... and now I see through web searching and reading that there is a vast array of products ...
Joy Zaehringer

Got my order! I just used the fusible polymesh on an order of golf shirts made of microfiber. Just one layer with a tearaway underneath, It worked great because the fusing kept the slick polyester really flat and then I pulled the excess away and trimmed. Then it didn't show through the white microfiber. I was a happy customer! I have also been bragging to others about your products!
Thanks, Carolyn Frieden

Your backing is working GREAT for us!! We are definitely going to stick with your product!
Tamara J Bobrosky

I love the Floriani products. I used the tear-away for a quilt I had designed, and about half-way through, I needed more stabilizer. The store I purchase from was out, so I bought some OESD. I didn't like it at all. It just didn't have a clean tear, and I had to spend much more time picking the stabilizer out from the stitches

"And, I really want to let you know once again what fabulous thread you are selling. I was pulling my hair out with the amount of thread breaks before, and now, not only do I not have any thread breaks....but I can run the machine much faster, I was down at 500 - 600 spm before and still got thread breaks, but now I run the designs at 1000 without any problems ar all....so I'm way more efficient at producing merchandise. I cannot thank you guys enough!"

I bought one of your thread color charts.....oh my gosh! The thread is beautiful! Thanks.

Yes thank you! I received the order on Friday, and I couldn't be happier. I have not had even one thread break since I started using your thread, and as an extra bonus, the sheen is fabulous and the colours are vibrant. I will be placing another order soon. I would recommend that everyone use Floriani thread!
Thanks so much,

I went through your workshop in Long Beach. I really like what you have to offer. We are a new shop. I am not quite sure what we will need at this point. I do like the iron on backing for baby products and I am sure it will work on logos with metallic thread also. I will be ordering when I get a break and am able to assess just exactly what we will be using. 
Lisa Mink
A Stitch N Time

"... I was so happy when my UPS guy walked in. I am really please with what I have used so far, so as I run out of others I will be switching to your products for my shop. I am pulling all my baby samples off the floor today to put the Dream Weave on the back!"
MoonDog Embroidery

I just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING your thread! It runs so much nicer in my SWF than anything else I have, and a million times better than the Royal thread that was given to me with the purchase of the machine. And, I called SWF to let them know that! I can't imagine why anyone would sell a perfectly good embroidery machine, then send out a box of freebies that, if used with the machine would lead anyone to wonder if the machine is a piece of junk..... so many thread breaks. Hmmmm...even at free its already cost me too much! So, I am telling all of my embroidery friends, real and imaginary (oops, I meant internet!) that your thread is the best!
Jacky Fischer

Just wanted to let you know that I received my black tear-away thank you for the good service!!!!!

Yes, and they are perfect.
Thank you for being so accommodating and concerned about your products and customers. It is a NICE change.
PMT Embroidery, LLC
Pamela Turpin

Your products are amazing. Thank you.

Thanks for the great…FAST…service. 
Robin Smallen

"On a personal note, the Floriani stabilizers are the best on the planet, wonderful results, without the 'worry' of ANY puckering- Thank you!"
Edies Embroidery

"... I am becoming more and more impressed with your company. You obviously know your stuff and I am going to only order your stabilizers because I feel you have quality over the other companies..."

I can't express enough how excited I am to have found your company ... It's important for me to find quality supplies and threads and you made that part easy for me.
GF ~ Studio 187

I much prefer the Floriani stabilizers over ANY other brand, the quality, and results with your product is OUTSTANDING.
Edie D

I have watched it twice and Gen has watched it once. We will watch it again and figure out what we need to order for stabilizers. There was so much wonderful information on that CD that we need to keep watching it over and over again. We will be placing an order in a couple of weeks. I am especially interested in the stitch count of the various stablizers and will need to really study the WEB-site for the information. We can't thank you enough for sending us this CD.. I'm sure we willl have numerous questions later on.
Phil and Genny